Meet the Owner

Tia Herrell, M.S., CCC-SLP is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with over 18 years of experience who specializes in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental disorders, auditory processing delays, oral-motor deficits, articulation disorders, and social skills deficits. She is a member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence, as well as a Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential in Language, Speech and Hearing. She is training her Labrador Retriever to become a certified therapy dog through the Delta Society. Tia is a Certified 'Sign2Me' Baby Sign Language Instructor teaching infants to communicate their wants and needs as early as 6 months. She is certified in the Interactive Metronome and has completed the Hanen Program for Parents - 'It Takes Two To Talk'.

Tia Herrell
Tia worked in various settings leading speech and language therapy groups, facilitating and training staff in using augmentative and alternative communication devices in the classroom and collaborated and participated in co-treatment sessions with Special Education Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Floortime Specialists, while using Floor Time (DIR Model). She also developed and implemented Individualized Education Programs for each child in her caseload. She is now in private practice in Stevenson Ranch, providing consultations, home, school, and clinic based interventions. Tia’s love of children shines through in her dedication and passion to enriching their lives, as well as the lives of their family. Tia received a B.A. and a M.S. in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Northridge.