Tia is the speech therapist for both my children and we all LOVE her! She is the best. She worked wonders with my kids within weeks! My children LOVE going to see her and frequently ask about her and want to visit her during the week. When it is time to go to speech you would think they were going to Disneyland by the way they react! She just has an amazing connection with children. She has very creative toys and tools she uses with the kids and uses the floor time model while working with them which keeps their attention. She is patient, loving, and shows a true understanding for kids on the spectrum. She also has a wonderful way of talking to the children using slow language with an upbeat tone. I cannot say enough about how much my kids have improved since seeing her and we will always be grateful to her!
Rachel (Stevenson Ranch, CA)

After the very first session with Tia, my son who was non-verbal at the time picked up sign language!! He started communicating through signs and within a few weeks to his very first words!! He is 5 yrs. old now and talks non-stop (thank God), but Mind the Gap truly made a huge difference and fostered my son's language development. And on top of it all, he thought he was just playing the whole time because Tia makes learning fun.We will be forever grateful!
Farah (Valencia, CA)

My twin boys began seeing Tia Herrell for speech therapy when they were 2½ years old. They both had delayed speech. They used more gestures than words and also needed help with the clarity of their words. Within a few months of weekly sessions, they were using more words and making great progress. Within six months, both boys were able to hold back and forth conversations with others. I couldn't be more pleased! My boys love Tia and always enjoyed spending time with her. I highly recommend her!!
Laura (Santa Clarita, CA)

Tia has been so great with our two year old son. He continues to make steady improvements with her help, and she gives us great feedback so we can help him improve throughout the week. She has gone out of her way to read up on our son's rare disorder and its implications on his language and pass on new research to us. She has been great in helping us prepare for his IEP! We love Tia!
Sandra (Valencia, CA)